Best possible KID Fails of 2016 Pt 2 | Funny Fail Compilation

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100 thoughts on “Best possible KID Fails of 2016 Pt 2 | Funny Fail Compilation

  1. Maddie Molotla

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    +The best fails I just wanted wanted to say that your videos are always so funny and you make them funny 😂😂

  2. It just annoys me so hard that they [most of the times] cry pointlessly. Their parents are around, there is nobody they would have to alarm to help them. Just annoying.

  3. I think the saddest fail was 1:34 the boy lost his popsicle I would cry too. 😥😥 he will always be in out hearts.

  4. Dabbing Mannequins Gaming

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    8:11 That baby appears to be wearing kaidangku, a type of pants worn by babies in China in the old days where the crotch area is generally exposed, so babies could learn how to walk at a very young age. However, those pants were very unsanitary as the baby could pee and poop wherever they want, meaning that the floor could become very dirty if the waste is not cleaned up like dog poo. Kaidangku can also increase the chances for the baby to catch a disease or cold, as their crotch area is exposed to the outside air.

  5. I want to edit in a bunch of cheesy explosions whenever one of these kids run into something or something hits them.

  6. uvuvwevwevwe onyetenyevwe ugwemubwem ossas

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    most of the fails caused by stupid parents/guardians. you can see some shit will happen but you still recording. wtf

  7. 101Hannah Cat101

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  8. I really hate it when kids cry to everything. like my dad gave me a back hand the last timed I cried and he told me to man up that was 4 years ago.

  9. so parents enjoy taping their very young babies get hurt, I’ve got to say what great parenting skills…

  10. Jessica Gonzalez

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    Honestly I’d be the type of parent to laugh at my kids first and then check if they’re ok😂😂😂

  11. i just don’t understand how on earth these parents can video tape wen they clearly knw their children are bout to falling get hurt….

  12. when the girl was in the mirror house and ran straight into the wall I lost it 😂just the noise of her hitting her face off the wall 😂😂😂

  13. Why are the parent still holding the camera while the child slowly gets hurt falling/running into something…..

  14. a 2:19 that irresponsible mother should not stand there saying stop she should of had ran over there and grabbed her those times when parents are to lazy t cetch there children stupid parents😥😭😤😤

  15. a lot of these parents would hug and comfort their kids when they get hurt, I would laugh and say “that’s what you get”

  16. for all the people that think kids hurting them sevles is funny you are crazy because its not and this kids mite get realy hurt and you think its ssooooo funny BUT ITS NOT GET A LIFE

  17. The.Bunny.Nursery

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    These kids are IDIOTS. And DONT say that it’s because there young because at all there ages I was way smarter. They should know better, dumb a**es

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