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  1. Dark Neko Queen

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    Nom nom nom….mmmm ice cream…nom nom nom…so tasty nom nom nom….
    *chunk of ice cream get in my teeth*
    ow….my teeth….*opens mouth wide*….meowww……
    *Jumps off the couch*
    pffft….you disgust me human….

  2. The Darstadly Dynamite

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    It’s very bad to give cats ice cream; due to the sugar, cream etc and not to mention they can’t clean their teeth. And don’t be suckered into buying “denta sticks”.

  3. I have/had cats that ate ice cream all the time, and they didn’t brains freeze ever, or maybe I’m not looking close enough

  4. My Kitty Armani

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    Deliberately making your cat get brain freeze is pretty ignorant of the owner. It’s somewhat funny, but ignorant. I would never do it to my cat because it’s mean.

  5. All I saw are people complaining about people saying this is animal cruelty, no people saying that this is animal cruelty.

  6. Donatas Simaitis

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    460 people the cat has a choice of not eating it after they got the brain freeze, therefore I wouldn’t consider it as an animal abuse. Since if a cat doesn’t want to do something it would simply wont, unless it is too spoiled.

  7. It’s not brain freeze, the ice cream is too cold for the cats so they open their mouth to warm up.. Kinda like what we do with really hot food

  8. Humanitarians United

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    Ok funny, so the cat is in pain. Imagine if you were a kid and your parents made you get brain freeze for a laugh.

  9. GamingWithCat YT

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    MY cat got a brain freeze from eating frosty off of the lid… he started spazzing out and rubbing his head XD

  10. Yvggeniy Romanskiy

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    It’s not a brain freeze its a seizure…
    cats can’t eat chocolate because it contains Theobromine which induce seizures and tremors in Cats and Dogs.

    This is animal cruelty and they are poisoning their cats.

  11. Assassins Atreyu

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    That’s really Animal Cruelty..!! 😡
    I hate people, who say “That’s funny”, awefull..!! 😠

  12. It’s not literally brain freeze so the braim never gets damaged by the cold ice cream lol stop being pussies

  13. not the brain freeze is the animal abuse but that they are giving ice cream :/ cats are lactose intolerant 🙁

  14. My kitty is smarter than this. I put a spoonful of ice cream in his dish and he patiently waits for it all to melt then laps it up.

  15. Dislike.You dont give cold food to cats, their teeth WILL fall out and they will most probably die after that.

  16. please stop filming vertically you idiot women. if you want something to protest protest THAT, because no one has a tv shaped like this….also you American women already have equal rights so pay for your own abortions or leave me a comment and i can mail you a coat hanger.

  17. Alexis Schwass

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    if this animal abuse, than is giving ur child ice cream child abuse because they get a brain freeze? and for those who say this is a seizure, in most clips, u can see the cats get a glob of ice cream stuck on there tooth for a second, so its a second long tooth freez, just like people can get from biting ice cream. the cat knows it’s cold and gets stuck on there tooth then eats more anyway just like most children, “so it got stuck on my tooth, it didnt hurt that bad and it was only for a second so im going to keep on eating it anyway because it is worth the deliciousness” there not forcing cold icecream into the cats mouth to cause pain. the cat is willingly enjoying some icecream just like a child would, tooth freezes and brain freezes alike. (although icecream is not very healthy for cats, i would suggest dairy free, sugar free options, like a tuna popsicle u can make at home! good to keep cool in the heat of summer)

  18. Evil Fried Chicken

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    We feel pain when cold things get in touch with our teeth because the abrupt temperature change can get dangerous for the teeth’s enamel.
    If you throw an ice cube into boiling water, you’ll see cracks forming on the surface because of the tensions developing when the solid water extends. This can happen to many solid substances, your teeth too.
    However, I don’t think eating ice cream is dangerous as the temperature difference is rather small (50-60°C). Your brain just receives a warning alert, if you pause a little you don’t need to worry.

  19. im a dude on the internet

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    these cats are like: nom nom nom oooh this is good nom nom nom OOOOHH SHIT wtf just happened? alright moving on nom nom nom nom nom OOOOOH MAH FUCKING GAWD DID JUST HAPPEN????

  20. Never knew how a cat looks like when they get brain freeze… or for that matter, that they actually can get brain freeze. xD

    A warning to all cat owners, though. Remember: “CHOCOLATE is poisonous to all cats”, so when your cat is pissing you off and tries to swipe and steal your ice cream away from you, don’t give in if there is ANY chocolate in the ice cream. I don’t care if it’s just vanilla MARBLED with narrow streaks of choco fudge. Just don’t.


    Is that better? I didnt see any animal cruelty comments so i had to make one.

  22. ph0Ngz Fazeoptic

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    kinda cute 🙂 but cats should not eat sweet foods, especially chocolate. they aint good for them .

  23. Furry Broccoli

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    1:05 that stupid bitch pushed it into the cats mouth. What the fuck? Why would you purposely hurt your cat like that FULLY KNOWING what was going to happen. The cat was howling afterwards because it was in pain. I’ll punch that bitch in the mouth if I ever see her.

  24. I am pretty sure some of these are actually tooth sensitivity. They don’t “freak out” until a big gob goes into the mouth and hits the teeth. Also, this really isn’t animal abuse, so don’t freak out saying it is. There is special ice cream for dogs now, a little bit of lactose will not hurt cats unless they are severely allergic to it. In most cases lactose just give cats an upset stomach and they get runny stool. It isn’t poison.

  25. If you know your cat is going to get brain freeze and you feed him ice cream on purpose, you’re not funny, you’re just a dick or a bitch.

  26. Dear recreational outrage artists shrieking about “animal abuse” because of cats getting brain freeze. One very small taste of ice cream is not going to cause permanent harm to a cat. Ever swallowed an apple seed? Well congratulations, you’ve ingested cyanide. Know why you didn’t die immediately? Because the human body is capable of dealing with the trace amount of cyanide found in a single apple seed. Don’t think it’s a good idea to feed ice cream to a cat? Great. Tell people why it’s a bad idea calmly and rationally. Piling into the comments like a pack of shrieking harpies is a surefire way to make sure nobody takes you seriously.

  27. Kabegami The Great

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    is it brain freeze or is it their teeth that gets cold? they seem to do that when a lot gets on their tongue.

  28. Everyone: Ice cream is bad for cats!!


  29. This isn’t brain freeze, it’s tooth pain. Same way if you put something cold on your tooth. Some can bite through ice cream, some can’t.

  30. John Goldfield

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    why is it that cat are programmed too similar? boxes, cucumber scare, making weird noises when petted in between the back and tail? Cats are so weird, and I love them <3

  31. My cat is too picky for that. Too cold or too hot and he won’t touch it.

    But watch the sugar. I used to think it was cute to give my (former) cat (RIP) the yogurt cup when I was done. It rotted his teeth out in short order. My brother, a truck driver, used to claim the cat got better dental care than he did, because visits to the cat dentist were becoming routine. It took a while for it to dawn on me it was the yogurt. Heck, yogurt can have TWICE the sugar of ice cream. I never give my current cat any food with sugar.

  32. The Raven of the East

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    This is not animal abuse, the cats aren’t being forced. Nor are their ears or tails giving away pain or signs of fear. Do people actually try to look for signs of animal discomfort or do they just decide to slap an ANIMAL ABUSE sticker on it, because they feel like it?

    Though ice-cream’s definitely not good for cats, in small amounts rarely but that’s it.

  33. I’ve never had a brain freeze before. And I eat an ice cream about every second day, sometimes every day.
    What exactly does a brain freeze feel like, and where exactly in the head is it felt?
    And how do people manage to get them?

  34. is this safe? I kinda wanna do this but I’m not sure if it’ll hurt my cat somehow (not screaming animal abuse btw I’m just curious)

  35. I can hear the uneducated youtube warriors coming to tell us about their “animal abuse” claims and their tiny penises

  36. I’m wondering if brain freeze is a minor form of a stroke…Makes sense, rapidly decreasing temperature can cause vasospasm and cause an abrupt decrease of blood flow to the brain.

  37. That'th a nithe mike tython ye got.

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    Why are people saying this is animal cruelty? It’s the cats choice to eat the ice cream or not. Is they didn’t like it, they could’ve not eaten it. But they liked it! It was just cold.

  38. wow.. so many people care about this cat. “feed it ice cream”, “dont feed it ice cream”.. All of this arguing over what a cat should and should not eat. It’d be heartwarming and cute if it wasnt so petty.

  39. Oh, my goodness, so cute!  Don’t hurt these kitties.  Hahahaa.  That cat at 2:10 must have known something was up…he took FOREVER to take his first lick!  He could smell the dairy, but I guess he detected the temperature, too.  At the end, he was like:  “I KNEW it!”

  40. Lillian Spencer

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    i went to my friends house and she fed her cat icecream and it literally just had a seizure it was weird..

  41. it’s clear to see the cats are in physical pain and don’t understand why so keep going. people need to stop.

  42. reflective ASMRtist

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    Yes its funny, but not really healthy for the cat. they can get sick because of milkproducts and sugar. Cats are meat eater to 90%. don´t give your lovely pet shit to eat. just saying!

  43. 0:35 Cat: I can handle this *stands like a gentlemen*

  44. What makes it so relatable is the fact that we know what it feels like. To quote Garnet “All comedy is derived from fear”

  45. Vilvia's World

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    This is just awful. Cats can be seriously effected when they lick human sweets. Not just cats, but dogs and other animals. That’s why in the stores there is special candy for animals (cats, dogs, guinea pigs etc.)
    Sure, hate this, but the side effect of cats and dogs eating human sweets can be, for example; blindness.
    People have to stop playing with cats and make them suffer, because when cats suffer, we laugh.

  46. Scámarca Productions

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    I noticed every time it happens, the ice cream is stuck to their teeth. Maybe cats have sensitive teeth?

  47. They’re taking notes on all the stuff we do to them, and they will be using this information for the Universe where they become powerful over us.

  48. The last cat 2:24 that kind of didn’t want it was like “AUGH I KNEW I SHOULDN’T HAVE DONE THAT!”

  49. レノんに 七んと 下〇乂

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    they’re not actually getting brain freeze its just the way there toungues cant take cold things

  50. This is why they say they’re always plotting our demise. But my kitty likes her tummy rubs too much. She would never kill me. I don’t think

  51. Once I was eating ice cream and I checked my phone, I felt my bowl move I’m my lap and saw my cat was licking the ice cream so I let her have some and her face when she got brain freeze was so adorable

  52. Does anyone know if the cats really have a brainfreeze, or do some/all of them show the flehmen response?

  53. It’s not brain freeze you idiots, a big portion of ice cream gets stuck on their tongue and they open their mouths because it’s too cold. Take a fucking ice cube in your mouth and you will do exactly the same.

  54. You need to watch your grammar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like if you agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. I’m surprised the animal lovers of the world are not up in arms regarding this purposeful infliction of pain and discomfort. Any person that has experienced “brain freeze” knows it can be very uncomfortable, and even painful. But screw it. They’re just Cats!

  56. Edgar Burgoin Cota

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    Of course isn’t brain freeze… Cats have a very sensitive teeth… You can watch the reaction of those cats, they want to remove that freezing thing on their mouth with a peculiar head movement. Cats are not like humans… Cats are just cats…

  57. MonstersOfMidian

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    You all do realize they make ice-cream for cats and dogs? My cat got brain freeze from eating it. If anyone eats anything cold, animal or human, it’s a natural reaction to get brain freeze and it’s harmless. Stop getting offended at everything you see on the internet and stop acting like your opinion matters especially when you’re uneducated on the subject.

  58. Jimmy Two-Times

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    You white people lol. Cat’s lick their dick and asshole and groom their fur all day long and you still have the nerve to share the same spoon with them whilst eating.

  59. All of the cats are like yummy it tast so good ! AHHH CRAP BRAIN FREEZ AHHHHH! ok back to licking num num num AHHHHHH CRAP BRAIN FREEZE AGAIN!!!!

  60. WTF why would you give your cat ice cream?!?! There are actual “cat ice cream” recipes online made with appropriate ingredients

  61. It his a bad idea for a cat to eat Icecream, because it got a lot of sugar, and fat, and also chemicals that could be toxic to cats, And plus Cats does not have the sweet taste bud, so the reason they like it. it his because of the milk, and fat, and the carrageenan chemical might taste good to a cat, but it can be toxic for a cat. Stupid people just to make a video.

  62. It can be fucking dangerous. Why do you think it’s funny, cats aren’t used to eat very cold things, and they shouldn’t, so don’t fucking give it to them and film cuz it’s “funny” (which is really not)

  63. cats taste buds can’t stand cold temperatures so stop complaining this is animal abuse cause it’s like some people don’t even know how to care for the simplest animals at least they aren’t eating the a great amount of ice cream so stop whining you pea brains 😞

  64. my friend told me to watch this video. little does he know…..that I hate cats. this video isn’t even cute or funny. ugh

  65. Why do you people think it is ok to torture your animals for your own amusement. It sickens me! I hope your cats attack you when you least expect it!

  66. I love getting on YouTube and watching anything that will make me smile/laugh and I do so with an open mind. This video seems too cruel to be funny! SHAME

  67. The cats aren’t getting hurt. It’s just how they show that they have brain freeze. If it hurt the cats, they wouldn’t continue to eat it. NOw would they? No. They aren’t being abused.

  68. you all do know that is damaging the cats brain cells and ruining their taste spuds, it’s not even funny!

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