Cute Dog And Cute Young children: Funny Compilation

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97 thoughts on “Cute Dog And Cute Young children: Funny Compilation

  1. I Love my dogs but there is no way I am letting a baby share a lollipop with a dog. That’s beyond nasty!!!!

  2. The new age parents phones are more important then there babies life why even breed you are just to dumb

  3. Cassidy Palmer

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    Cooper “This is mine, you can’t have this, I like this, this is mine, I will take it to my spot where I will love it”

  4. Cooper is like dis is mine back off then Benny is like BEST RIDE EVER WEEEeEeEEeEEEeEeEeEeeEeEeeEeeEeEEeEeEeEeeEeE

  5. God dang on some of these they need to drop the camera and help there’re babies the dog is going to shake it to death

  6. wanderlustdance

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    OMG i tot that benny the baby that cooper was dragging was a fake doll OMG!!! the baby is a real life doll!!

  7. Some of these, I want to yell at the owners.  DON’T LET YOUR DOG DO THAT TO YOUR BABY, IT’S NOT CUTE, IT’S DANGEROUS!

  8. Elizabeth Kaufmann

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    Stupid mothers laughing at the dog playing with their baby and not realizing that can be dangerous for the little kid

  9. quantumpancakes

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    It’s so selfish of me to choose not to have kids to avoid dealing with 00:30 ,   but I’m pretty sure when I was a baby, I did plenty of that to my parents’ detriment.

  10. MickLawification

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    I dont even come to these “cute animal and babies” videos for the video. I come to see overly sensitive people preaching their god-fucking-dumb brains out that babies shouldnt be around animals

  11. I don’t know how people live without dogs. They make life so much better.
    I sell Pet Seat Covers on Amazon to prevent all those hairs and dirt that dogs normally leave on your car seats. You can check it out here

  12. Elizabeth Kaufmann

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    So you’re denying dogs lick their genitals and asshole very often and can lick the baby’s face right after that ?

  13. Przemysław Pilka

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    Kiss the dog and share lollipop with dog, After that publish this on youtube and lokk at me I’m so good mother… OMG people are so stupid… 

  14. As with ant animals and human Nature vs Nurture determine aggressive behavior.
    I’ve owned 4 pit Bulls, 2 Boxers, a dachshund and a Chihuahua.

    Shooting as you may think the chihuahua was a mean little shut who bit anyone (she didn’t stay) the Dachshund was not as aggressive however the stay away message was loud and clear.
    My boxers were the most easy going lovable Boys ever and the Pitts will always be my favorite.

    They are incredibly protective of kids and us too, accommodating as more than a few time a kid would be riding bare saddle through the house.

    Very loud Bark for security but never attacked a visitor and so intelligent, it took 2 days to fully house train a 6 week old.

    My point is you all are being very narrow minded assuming all pit bulls are lying in wait for the chance to mutilate your kids.

    They have a bad rep because dog fighters starve them and beat them to madness while using smaller dogs for practice and god forbid the Pitt doesn’t kill his opponent, a severe bearing followed by a toss from a moving car. Poor dogs have no chance with psychopath owners.

    Saddest still after being dissuaded they will wait in the spot they landedb for days/ weeks waiting for the owner to come back.^until they starve.

    So think about it the dog is loving , loyal and a best friend it’s the viscous sociopaths who create mean dogs.

  15. Thank God the doctors of Youtube are here. I was beginning to worry if the babies are being abused (they’re not) or going to suddenly explode from sharing a lollipop with the dog (she didn’t) as far as that goes, a long long time ago I had a dog and an ice cream cone and hell yeah we shared that. I didn’t die from it so I guess it may not be nearly as ‘deadly’ as these overly protective parents. I guess my mom was abusive for not putting me in a bubble. 

  16. I know the dogs here didn’t want to harm the kids but regardless that shouldn’t be a ‘hey grab the camera’ moment – it should only be a moment of discipline for that dog because that could nasty real fast & you know the morons behind the camera would blame the dog for any injuries instead of themselves for grabbing a camera rather than their baby…. PRIORITIES PEOPLE!!!!

  17. Catrin Roberts

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    My God! I couldn’t watch them: saw the first four and all but one are really scary. These people need to learn dog signals and to allow a dog to tug a child round by the sock of its Babygro shows how dangerous to babies and dogs, these parents are. Someone educate them please, so that both their children and dogs survive.

  18. Are some of you fucking retarded? A dog licking your face usually doesn’t do shit. The dogs weren’t licking inside their mouths most of the time. For fucks sake stfu and stop acting as though the dogs will give you fucking cancer.

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