29 thoughts on “Earlier Other folks Fail Video Collection

  1. You guys are mean for laughing at this. It was sad how they fell and i felt
    bad…. Elderly People Us care for us and all you guys do is watch them
    falling over Thats……just…….straight…….up………RUDE!!…..

  2. Millie Gravelpitt

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    @5:47, this looks like a scenario where granny gets loose and no one
    notices until she does something like THIS. If you listen closely, you can
    actually hear a female shouting “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” implying that “uh
    no, grandma got out of her cage!”

  3. Millie Gravelpitt

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    @6:42. Wow. Either grandma hasn’t plucked her eyebrows since the invention
    of tweezers or she forgot to dye the rest of her hair black.

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