111 thoughts on “Earlier other people dance with Michael Jackson

  1. How can I download this to a CD so I can present to my pals to use at our
    clubhouse for a skit. We will need to practice these moves over and over.

  2. i loved this and my grandma posted it on facebook i am doing that when IM
    like 90 because i LOVE michael jackson’s work

  3. Mr. Groban–nice work on finding this!! What an amusing video–thanks for
    sharing it! 🙂 It is really neat to see older people getting up on stage
    and having a good time!! This was so great! 🙂

  4. the person in the middle is clearly a woman. all of you who consider
    yourself so superior to these dancers, with your sarcastic comments, you
    can’t tell a woman from a man? think about it.

  5. AWESOME! Thank you, gentlemen. This brought back fond memories of my own
    grandfather – he would have been right up there with the three of you! :o)

  6. This is great! Great models for keeping on having fun and getting the most
    out of life. I hope I have that much energy when I get older!

  7. Clearly a woman, huh? All three are men. They did a big story on the 3 MEN
    from their retirement home when this first came out.

  8. Elke Morschhäuser-Martin

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    Thank so much Josh for this Video:-)..whow I can say…so I coudn’t dance
    so good;-))..Respect:-) So laughter right now..:-))Josh you are soooo

  9. OMG Thank you Josh for this video! It brightened up my day =) Hahah the
    oldie in the middle is veryyyy good, great dancer! I bet he’ll be the next
    MJ ^__^

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