Funniest Drunk Compilation April 2015

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43 thoughts on “Funniest Drunk Compilation April 2015

  1. The one at the end…..too drunk to use a shot gun. And then start
    laughing, they wouldnt be laughing if he had shot someone

  2. Queen Elizabeth II

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    *Why are Russians sooo incredibly stupid.. I mean that’s a gift being THAT

    Is life THAT terrible in Russia? I’d never want to touch foot in that shit

  3. 0.36 in a nut shell i am a russian, i am a fuckin ard cunt, i will now set
    my self on fire and act fuckin ard cause im in front of people. this sums
    up russians. in a nutshell.

  4. Crazy Department

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    I love Russia, it is such a fantastic country. Just a normal day in Russia,
    any time, any where… 🙂 My vlog gives every day new CRAZY RUSSIAN
    videos. Today Drunk Russians fighting compilation #1. Enjoy the Video.
    Please support a budding blogger! And Thanks))

  5. why don’t people help if someone is off balance ? if they fall hard they
    could easily die ,. Hahahaha lets film him ,

  6. you know what would be real cool is if there wernt anyone there to put it
    out and then we saw him proper catch fire. NOW THAT WOULD BE FUNNY

  7. Justsayin Justsayin

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    It is funny how the government can regulate and tax this, and how it is so
    socially accepted to drink alcohol. SO in other words its “okay”.
    Some of my family members work in nursing homes and hospitals, if you
    realized just how bad this is for you long term you might open your eyes.
    Dementia is a big big thing from alcohol, diabetes, list goes on etc etc
    but hey each to their own. Everyone has to have their “poison ” right?

  8. duchowo obiektywny

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    Najlepsze jak żul pije wodę z pisuaru na 5:10 – kurwa jebłem XD
    Ale później gostek z bronią przy grillu to już kamikadze – taka sytuacja w
    ogóle nie powinna mieć miejsca!

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