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Don’t do that at space!
I’ve been teaching acrobatics for over 15 years and I would possibly under no circumstances do anything to put my son in danger. Even if he was about 365 days younger than the kids I had taught prior to now, he picked up briefly and favored each minute of it. He is now 18 months earlier and opting for problems up faster than ever. So do not be concerned, he is safe.
God bless.

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  1. You seem like you’d be a great Daddy, you can sometimes tell just by
    lookjing at someone. God Bless you and your family too!

  2. Great sense of balance for such a young kid and one things most dads don’t
    drop are there kids. Plus landing on there dads belly or the bed would be
    far softer than most of the falls and tumbles kids take while growing up.
    If a kid aint ever fell over, cut themselves or what not then it must of
    been tied down because it happens to every kid. People are so quick to try
    and accuse things of bad parenting when in fact theres is no “one” way to
    bring up a child, we’re all different.

  3. very cute baby! love the laugh….but I would be scared to put him up that
    high with out hands to catch him. Proud daddy though!

  4. Oh yea worry bout this happy safe kid that the 1000’s of others that get
    battered on a daily basis. Get a grip on reality and stop trying to find
    angles for critisism thats too many condescending people on youtube look

  5. He’ll be an Olympic Hero someday, and he’s already got a Gold Medal Laugh!
    🙂 Congratulations, and God Bless!! 🙂

  6. That is beautiful. That little baby is obviously well adjusted and trusts
    his dad completely. It is nice to see them have such a great relationship.

  7. Cute… erm but is this not possibly just stupid??? You cant do that with a
    baby,,,, you could really hurt him if he fell.

  8. waaaaaaaaaa!can i have her!hehehe..she’s
    superduper cuuuuuuute!!!

  9. wow hes playing with his child and wait your the one who says too much time
    on his hands atleast hes playing with his child unlike you being on the

  10. I remember when my son was that small! We did silly things like this with
    him, too. If this baby was too little or fragile to do it, the parents
    wouldn’t have done it. There’s nothing wrong with this video.

  11. my uncle would grab all the babies and put both of their little feet on one
    of his hands and pick them up in the air…i would always think it was
    dangerous but he never dropped a baby…my mom said he did it to me and my
    twin brothers aswell

  12. StephandTimTravel

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    idk i personally think this is extremely unsafe. idc if you have been
    teaching for 15 years. your child doesnt even understand how to use the
    potty. how is he gonna know to keep his knees locked in mid air?!

  13. This was great! A friend of mine used to hold his 5 month old up in one
    hand with his feet gethered under him like that first move! We were all
    terrified the Dad would drop him but Z learned how to walk early on!

  14. i love 2 see the bondings of a dad and his son/daughter

  15. Oh my gawd what a cute baby ! Bur am I the only one being terrified :S I’m
    so scared the dad’s gonna drop him :S Sooo many things could go wrong :S

  16. Just be really carefull, that is a big risk at his age, but if he keeps it
    up, maybe Cirque Du Soleil will like him!

  17. He looks only about 6 months old. That’s amazing!! My 6 YEAR old can’t do
    that. He just falls face first on the pavement… …EVERY TIME!!

  18. wow he’s got strong backbone and very good at balancing his body. That’s
    really amazing. Anyway, it’s still dangerous act for a baby. Take care.

  19. Such a great dad, too, the way he plays with his kid. Cute and silly, love
    the faces with the “ruhoom!” The kid’s got amazing balance. Olympics,

  20. that was so cute…did the baby fell or got hurt…gotta be careful u
    know…if you got read of one…i dun think u can get another
    one…lolx…jing jking…xD….assign ur baby for ymnastic
    classes….maybe he/she could be a proffesional one day…peace

  21. did he learn to walk early? because if you did this with him a lot i’m sure
    it strengthened the muscles in his legs and taught him balance very
    early…very cute! and i love his laugh!

  22. soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooox

  23. Monasekar Vong Vuthy

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    i suggest u don force him too much cos his bones are still not strong
    enough if sth unxepectedly bad happen btw your baby is awesome

  24. possibly not but at this young age there bones in there legs can become
    bowed which would depending on how severe may need leg braces

  25. doesn’t raise acrobats! remember what happened to Robin from batman! ps.
    what kind of a manbaby wears a checkered shirt?

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