296 thoughts on “Funny Cats Showing Like Folks Compilation 2015

  1. I had to raise my black cat Angel by hand after her momma was killed by
    stray dogs and she now thinks she’s a human. She eats with her paws and
    uses them to scoop the food out of the bowl and eat like a human. It’s so
    weird. She keeps looking at me like “I could use a freaking fork over here
    or something.” lol. She’s definitely the boss around here. Hopefully
    she’ll never realize that she’s a cat. :)

  2. This why I’m a cat person I like dogs 2 but cats are my fav I love them
    because their so amusing and the fact of they are so human like its so
    ridiculously cute??????????

  3. I am a cat and I am offended. You meowmans thiiink meow laugh at meow on
    your video tubes, we meeoouw have feelingz two meaaouw!

  4. Omg that cat on the pull up bar is amazing but i feel so bad for it. It
    looks as if its not strong enough to keep going.

  5. Those are funny. But why isn’t the video clip that’s represented by the
    thumbnail (of the cat with front legs folded on the table) included in this

  6. What is matter with the white cat at :47. Was he been given drugs? That is
    horrible not funny. What do you think? Please no smart *ss answers. I also
    like to see cats acting like cats not like humans.

  7. Rebecca Mclachlan

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    me and my husband have two cats a calico cat and a all black cat the black
    cat is the oldest she loves my husband we had her since she was born she
    meows all the time she meows at my husband she talks to him my husband
    works nites when my husband go bed before he has to work our black waits
    for him in bed she always follows my husband around the house she acts so
    human she talks and go to bed with us she even waits for us in bed she
    knows what time to go to bed she so cute our calico cat is still little she
    a brat she likes to play a lot and run around

  8. Im telling you guys you might think Im crazy but I think cats and dogs are
    on the edge of evolving. I look at talking cat and dog videos weither they
    are imitating or what they wernt doing that 100 years ago. Think about it
    they have been with us since the dawn of civilization I bet you if were to
    live to see it one day theyll be walking and talking like us

  9. isidro saenzpardo

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    I think this video is funny because the cat with glasses and the cat doing
    exrsis are both funny!please make more videos like this

  10. hey idiots watching this shit, Ive got news for you: cats AREN’T HUMAN!!!!
    get a life you morons making and watching this crap

  11. `•.,¸,.•*¯`•.,¸,.•….╭━━━━╮
    `•.,¸,.•*¯`•.,¸,.•*¯.|:::::::::: /:__:/
    `•.,¸,.•*¯`•.,¸,.•* <|:::::::::(。 ●ω●。) `•.,¸,.•*¯`•.,¸,.•* ╰し---し---J My Cat Lulu /:__:/ (。 ●ω●。)

  12. Marcelle Blondin

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    J’adore les minou vous me donnez beaucoup de bonheur à les regarder. J’ai
    un persan blanc aux yeux blancs qui est ma joie

  13. A cat who does pull-ups? That was my favourite part in this video. Can a
    cat mimic human moves and actions that good? That’s serious observation and
    intelligence there. I’d shit myself if I saw my cat doing that.

  14. That one with the cat drinking milk in the lady’s arms was talking and to
    me the cat looked like “Shut up and let me drink my milk” ?

  15. My dear cat Phoenix fell from the balcony a few days ago! All details of
    clinic and updated on the story here:
    Thank You, Daniel

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