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  1. Prince Al-Yaseen

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    Can anyone tell me where is this from? And maybe his name or did someone
    interview him because I can remember this got popular.

  2. SO GREAT & FUN! Friends sent me a new fun one. Ladies loved it! Copy
    & Paste to YouTube /cOooFOSYtJQ They said to pass it on!

  3. LOL my goodnes, this is really impress, impress impress, the perfect
    example of 60 years is not an excuse to feel old, skin has wrinkles but
    soul still Young if you want it, awesome video

  4. así se bailaba hija cuando habia un chingo de ácidos y con dos viejas ahora
    todos son re jotos y se meten pastillitas y bailan solos…

  5. You gotta love this guy!!! Mad props from me!!! Dance as you feel it and
    let the haters hate!!! Be blessed grandpa <3

  6. hahahahahahahahahhhhahaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahhahahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahaha

  7. I don’t understand, how is this impressive? It wasn’t like he was
    breakdancing. Also why do people feel good after watching this, I don’t
    feel anything from it.

  8. “A true Gentleman can never be too dumb to ask a Lady for a dance.
    Just too dumb to invite her politely” – Irish Proverb.

  9. And, to think, there are young people my age who complain of achy joints
    and use that as an excuse to do nothing! I can see why this old guy’s
    dancing! Bunch of happiness-robbing, aching-joint bullshit can’t stop him!

  10. This makes me smile. I just love how happy he is and how much of a good
    time he is having. I just can’t help but smile :)

  11. This is supposed to be funny, but somehow it actually inspired me and made
    me feel human again… Greatness comes from within! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!

  12. [CLIX] - SHINZƎE

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    I was listening to OpFors spawn in mw2, and watching this at the same time
    and laughed like hell
    you guys should try it

  13. Vanessa de Lima Sousa

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    I really like him..is so funny. So cut this old man dancing.
    Eu adoreeeii.dou risadas *—-*
    Dançar faz bem pra alma!!!!! 

  14. Robert B. Radmore

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    Say what you will, mock the guy but .. he got the ladies dancing WITH him,
    And no one seems to be bothering or thinking about anything to do with age.
    Enjoying life and the music, the simply things are the best.

  15. meinkreft mood showcais 123 omg shedurs mud nd gtx 666 is guud

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    And i’m sitting here
    worrying about getting up cause it fucking hurts my legs

  16. StabmasterArson21

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    Pops is smoove. See what we got 40 morons who don’t like this video. SMH,
    that’s why we’re in the shape we’re in on this planet.

  17. I sure hope I can bust a move like this crafty bloke when I am his age. I
    doubt I can because he moves better than I do already!!

  18. this is so awesome, I love how he is enjoying 😀 YOU CAN DANCE NO EXCUSE!
    if this man can dance even at his age and condition! so can you!

  19. This is soooooo cute and funny. He totally reminds me of a contestant that
    was on America’s Got Talent by the name of Ray Jessel. 🙂 

  20. Insurance fraud! But seriously this man is rocking the house. RESPECT !!!
    Everyone else should have leaved the dance floor. This man is worth all the
    dance floor for himself and his ladies :)

  21. Nice moves! Is he an atheist though? If he is, get him to join us at Reddit
    and gain some enlightenment from r/science and perhaps even do an ama at
    r/atheism! Kind Regards, James Dickins, Ambassador Of Reddit.

  22. forget all the talk about humor, I can only hope that I can dance like that
    when I´m at his age , if I ever get that old . :)

  23. stubborn knees may be singing the blues but this guy’s got rock’n’roll in
    his shoes… rock on grandpa! :)

  24. Love this guy! What fun ~ & he’s a better dancer than many!
    “You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching,
    Love like you’ll never be hurt,
    Sing like there’s nobody listening,
    And live like it’s heaven on earth.”

    ― William W. Purkey

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