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  1. leave the poor girl alone i admit this wasnt really a good thing to do but
    deep down she probably loves that kid and would never hurt it no1 here evan
    no’s this woman she cood be a lovely caring mother so stop making
    ussumption and leave her alone

  2. Flagging this as child abuse… As someone else said, first ten seconds
    were kinda funny, then it just got to be too much. Poor kid.

  3. chubbylilloser85

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    …are you kidding me? Every parent does a form of this -_- its not hurting
    the baby its putting your hand slightyl over the mouth (away from the mouth
    so not to stop the breth) which in turns cuts off the sound waves…. -_-
    Its the same as a child doing an indian sound when playing cowboys and
    indians. …ffs some ppl look for any excuse to moan and groan about some
    one else.

  4. awh .. i hope ur hands were clean before putting them in that baby’s mouth
    .. i hate seeing babies cry, especially cute ones .. <33

  5. tu é maluca carlho , a criança esta morrendo engasgada , quer ver se
    colocar um pau na tua boca e fazer isso qual vai ser tua reação , filha da
    puta , fuck ,

  6. Surasit Bupachat

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    Obviously see that her baby was crying and I guess she wanted to make him
    stop by doing like this… but in fact, it’s obstructing the airway…. So
    sad for this poor baby, not on have a little amount of lung surfactant in
    its lungs but also his mom did this… Huh…. Really want her to think if
    she was blocked her airway why crying what she would feel……..

  7. jesus whats w the harsh comments, good god ppl..take a damn chill pill just
    cause the baby is crying doesnt mean she’s careless babys cry all the

  8. Stop judging her parenting skills based on a video, there’s parents who
    beat their kids to near death, grow the fuck up!

  9. Ohh! If only this baby could talk! Or punch!! Don’t worry she’ll return the
    favor when you’re old and unable to defend yourself. I thought I would find
    funny baby videos and come across this abusive grown ass woman torturing a


  11. asshole….how cud u be so rude….ur kid is crying….for god’s sake stop
    playing n feed him or look after him…he needs u….

  12. OMG why would you do that….that is something sooo bitchy-like! That baby
    probably wonn’t stop crying beacuse your dirty fingers are making it want
    to through up!

  13. where in the world is this fun?? I really question u as a mother to..
    Kvalmt, kvalmt, kvalmt.. jeg blir dårlig av slike personer som deg…

  14. Poor baby! This is a perfect example of a stupid female who should not have
    been allowed to breed! To the person who posted this video and labeled it,
    ” Funny baby cry”, you need serious mental help and would have to be
    sadistic and abusive to think this is in any way funny.

  15. guys calm your retarded asses down. Probably 95% of you are just repeating
    what the other said. Fuckin A, the mother is just messing around, plus if
    you now ANYTHING about parenting,a lot of times a baby will cry for
    attention. Wow. Cute baby.

  16. Você precisa de tratamento, mulher!!! O bebê estava CHORANDO e você
    brincando de tapar a boca dele pra tentar fazer um som divertido?! Mãe
    má…. vá se tratar…. melhor. ;x

  17. xBlackButterflix

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    All of you need to chill the fuck out. She’s not hurting HER baby. Fuck, so
    much worse could’ve happend. >_> Stop being internet tough-guys and
    harassing her.

  18. @quitejaded lol that was my little sister that wrote that, and this is my
    dads account, lol ik it could breath, and i dont know why she said that lol

  19. Carlos Hugo Castillo

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    puta vieja porque no se mete el dedo ella. Al diablo con esta estúpida mal
    parida y buena para que el negro se la coma… Desgraciada eso no se le
    hace a un hijo.

  20. Of course your daughter likes it – SHE’S FOUR! You’re a fucking loser of a
    mother for doing this to your newborn and especially for posting it on
    HER LIPS/GUMS!!!!!! You are a stupid, evil bitch.

  21. @tirilenis I never called anyone a retard… but I know that when a child
    is crying, and the crying increases are you’re doing something – clearly
    it’s not something they like. If you “know what you’re doin”, I guess we’ll
    leave u to it?? I’ve done it too, but to a baby that doesn’t cry from it to
    the point where he/she might not be able to breathe…

  22. ._. for all the people saying shes a bitch you try to take care of a baby
    shes having fun, thats allowed in this world you over sensitive pricks, and
    guess what the baby will live ._. shocker huh?

  23. bendertheoffender5

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    u know shut up just shut up how many baby videos that have things in it
    like this and ur saying oh its so precious its the same as this if ur going
    its so precious

  24. @dancergirl1122 prob because people are being so cynical and hostile
    towards the mother and the mom isnt doing anything cruel, its cute video’s
    that people tend to blow out of porportion.

  25. Babies usually cry to clear their lungs of any waste fluid or try to get
    air. You might aswell fucking shake it and let it watch porno.

  26. @dancergirl1122 No, i actually found this video cute and funny, you on the
    other hand complained and made a snap judgment to the parents over a short
    vid clip, when in real life’ if someone did that to a baby really quick
    everyone in the room would laugh and think it is cute/funny, Its not as bad
    as you people make it to be, Dont take life so serious.

  27. omg that’s mean!!! the baby’s pissed off at u for putting ur finger on
    his/her mouth so that’s y he/she’s crying! so stop it i bet u’ll be a bad
    mom or aunt or whatever to him/her.

  28. @dancergirl1122 Get a sense of humor you miserable complainer, its 29
    seconds, prob a one time thing, its not the end of the world, damn
    miserable much?

  29. i am a mom too with a baby just like hers and i couldn’t bear to watch what
    she’s doing to her baby and even posted it here omg she’s horrible really
    really horrible

  30. ur bothering the baby thats y hes crying…and u dont put ur hands in a
    babys mouth like that. this is germs. even my 1 year old brother wont like

  31. MrPASHproductions

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    omg get over it! it is the mum dont judge her for this!!! you all do things
    to babies that would frustrate them but its funny and cute SHE IS THE MUM

  32. amandapolchies2209

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    this shit is sick thats one thing i would do if my baby was cryin for
    something is to fuckin make fun of him and piss him off even more your sick

  33. Nope…I can’t even make up an excuse for you. :/ If he was a little older,
    it wouldn’t be that bad, but infants aren’t toys. Sorry. :/ You lose.

  34. I think the baby is hungry cuz everytime she lets the finger linger and he
    starts to try to suck he sounds like he will stop.

  35. @mike2k28 Ugh all you people are retardedd!! lmao call social services??
    are you serious?? they’d prob laugh at you than get you introuble for
    wasting there time, all you pathetic loserz searchin baby videos and being
    all cynical and judgmental really need to get another hobby possibly away
    from the comp and grab a sense of humor on the way…you sad people make me

  36. @lodus11 babies kry all the time? she wuz just havin fun wit it, hes gunna
    kry either way, i use 2 play with my son wen he wuz that little its not
    that serious

  37. the sad thing about this is he kinda stops when she just has her finger
    sitting there…which probably means he was hungry.

  38. lol seriously why is everyone hating on this???? oh no youre going to hurt
    the baby, or even worse KILL the baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think its a
    cute video to whoever posted it, everyone else who dislike it because of
    you “abusing” your child are a bunch of morons??

  39. THATS NOT FUNNY YOU PSYCO BITCH!!!!! u go fuckin problems!! You are a
    fucking discrace of a mother!!! I hope that kid hates you for the rest of
    your life!!! You should be reported to child services you asshole!

  40. Some one call social services and revome this child for its safety NOW THIS

  41. my moms used 2 do that 2 my lil’ sis when she was little……so wats da
    harm?????? ppl take stuff 2 serious now….i mean LAUGH MUCH!!!!

  42. Some people I guess are doing this only for the sake of making this king of
    a bullshit videos for getting good hits on you tube….. not at all worth
    seeing… Soorry…. but delete this video at once…

    NAMED “FASMANX”!!! I said that I TOTALLY agree with you!!! 100%! I’m sorry
    for the mix up and I apologize if you thought I meant you Bertdawg! p.s:
    sorry for the yelling.

  44. well this is what happens when 14 year old bitches give births to
    children…..and they think they are just toys…. FUCK YOU BITCH!!

  45. no… IF you knew anything about kids you know that the kids isnt hungry
    because it would of mistaken the finger for a bottle, second, its just
    being whinny and the mom knows this.

  46. That isn’t being a bad mom jeez. She was just having fun. I bet when you
    gaybos have kids u’ll do something like this. It isn’t like it’s gonna die
    when it’s crying and straight after she prob helped it u are all stupid. Is
    that her boob. Is she tryna get guys??

  47. thats so freakin mean the baby crying and u wanna play wit it like that’s
    so freakin messed up what is wrong wit y’all!!!

  48. omg i hope you never have kid’s if that’s how you treat them… poor little
    thing needs to be loved on not have your finger down it’s throat… dumbass

  49. thats not funny thats mean in stead of u having a penis in your mouth and
    having that baby some shoud stick a finger up your ass white trash skank

  50. im calling the childs department to take away you baby that fucken babys
    crying for something and you assholes are fooling around with it

  51. lol guys.. thats not her boobs.. its her shoulder. ! thats what i thought
    too ! bahaha so nice and round. but then i realised its her shoulder 🙁

  52. my dad used to do this with when I would cry as a toddler. He would pat my
    mouth with his hand and it always made me laugh. 🙂

  53. Are you seriously out of your head??? Babies cry…..thats what they do,
    and I’m sorry but as long as you know they are not hungry, wet, ill or in
    pain then the best thing you can do to proect your sanity as a parent is
    learn to laugh at them. It was 29 seconds for chrissake, take a chill pill
    and pull your neck in.

  54. everybody all trippin cuz crying stengthens the babys lungs dont any one
    listen in science and health or maybe when ur pregnant at the doctors!so
    she can do that i got weak lungs cuz my mom didnt let me cry i was spioled
    andmy mom used to do that to me no harm and im so smart

  55. I gotta agree here too! It is in no way hurting the baby you fools! These
    are a bunch a people who probably don’t have kids of their own! You try
    having a baby then you will see (this can actually stop them from crying !)
    It’s just cute you emo posers!

  56. thats not even the baby wants yo dumbass to stop fuckin with em u dumb
    bitch. This is why stupid people should have kids cus they do stupid shit
    and put it on camera thinking its funny.

  57. ThaWastelandDOTcom

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    god some people are so fucking gay-_-‘ BABYS CRY!! bitches, i bet yall are
    some teen age ass motherfuckers, thinking you know shit.. anyways, funny
    video, thanks for the lol

  58. TannaLou87 said this to me Actually, although I don’t know if that is
    indeed the case here, babies of that age are prone to crying uncontrollably
    and there is absolutely nothing you can do that will make them stop. They
    aren’t hungry or wet or in pain or uncomfortable. They just cry. It’s
    called colic and it’s harmless.

  59. wtf is wrong wit yall commenters if itshe was doin something bad say it
    politly wit yall dumb azz she aint killn tht baby dumb azz

  60. Youssef Cherqaoui

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    bitch , i’m agree with all comments created before . i think you are a
    fucking evil mom , i wish you are my wife and found u doing that to my
    child . go know what i’m gonna do to u

  61. are u serious people the baby will be fine it knos how to breathe out of
    its nose at that age and number 2 she is covering its mouth for less than a
    second so stop crying about OMG THE BABY THE BABY an sdfu..plain n simple

  62. Well I would also like to say sorry for calling you a dumbass Bertdog1138.
    I apologize. But yeah, he is a dumbass and a creepy bastard! *THAT’S YOU

  63. Sonimana: that’s abuse! Why? because the baby need to breath!!!! When
    somebody is crying need more O2 because their his lungs and his diaphragm
    contract faster than habitual. That’s why, if you put something that
    interrupts the inhalation, you can generate a collapse in its breathing.
    Somebody would have to take off the baby to that woman

  64. Wow half the people that post comments actually know the baby Is going to
    be ok… The rest think the baby is gonna die… Wtf…

  65. Its not funny at all ….but at the same time i dont think she’s hurting
    her baby … but not funny or nice to do it for a baby … maybe if he was
    laughing it would be little better then this …..

  66. hahaha awwww hes/shes hungry, bless an for all the moaning people out there
    the mum dont exactly do it every time everyday, or i hope not lol :s

  67. whoever u are, you’re a dumbass. Too bad the baby couldn’t have bitten you.
    That would have been hilarious !! .. and well deserved. That baby was
    pissed, and for good reason. Hmm.. maybe if you STOPPED doing that to
    him/her, maybe he/she would have calmed down. You are an idiot and it was
    not funny what-so-ever. WTF is wrong w/ you. I hope that wasn’t your kid.
    You shouldn’t have any if that’s what you’re going to do to them when they

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