Funny young children are the hardest take a look at not to snort drawback Super funny kid compilation

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100 thoughts on “Funny young children are the hardest take a look at not to snort drawback Super funny kid compilation

  1. oh god that kid who got the wassabi is totally scarred for life and the mother in another language is just a fucking bitch like if you agree she is probably a child abuser

  2. if the woman who sings Godspeed & Ave Maria has her own channel I”d gladly follow her. Her voice is AMAZING!

  3. It’s good very cute baby’s with pretty smile bt It’s wrong to play with baby’s emotions dnt do like this

  4. Ashley Lauderback

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    I agree the parents of the hott sauce could make better choices, I mean it clearly was causing him discomfort, but the outcome of the approval and laughing was so worth it. it’s crazy to think how they look to us parents adults for eveythiing. the future in our hands. kinda intense what hott sauce could turn into. sorry to rambel

  5. (the baby who tears up at the melancholy song and cheers up for the optimistic song.. amazing! to see. either the little one is extremely musical- a talented baby- or.. human beings are wired from the get go to be sensitive to music/song. fascinating!)

  6. Tiffany Whipple

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    Why the fuck are there so many mean comments because this video was cute and funny if you didn’t think that then stop being serious all the time like damn calm the fuck down, I’m pretty sure non of these people were trying to be mean to their kids

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  8. it seems that none of the babies liked song. I think they can see some thing behind you guys when you sing. they become scared both for you and for their own future. every babies are born believers. but only environment, experience and life style changes their identity. some remain as believers and most go diluted according to the lifestyle they lead.

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