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  1. @eatsbabies1000 did your mummy leave you on a big black womans doorstep
    when you were a baby? if so, i dont blame her.

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  3. @xElDiablo363 I don’t get it either–this little one is absolutely
    adorable. There are a lot of miserable people in this world.

  4. @SatanEatsMyCunt I think mrsuckmynipples acct name got suspended but unless
    he got hit by a car he will be back on another account name…these slim
    ballz alwayz are..because in real life they are miserable loney depressed
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  5. @TheFusion123 wasn’t clever, dont feed the trolls. He obviously doesnt
    think that, hes just writing it for a reaction and the fact you respond
    like that really just makes yourself look dumb.

  6. omg the babys stoned he’s probly like wtf is going on while laughing you
    wonder cause he keeps eyeballing everything around

  7. what i love about babies is how they are so simple and innocent such simple
    things make them laugh and it joys me to see a happy babe awwww ^,^

  8. OneOrangeSodaPlease

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    @MrSuckmynipples what do u consider a cute baby. one that looks like u?
    probably but i would feel bad for any baby with any similarities to u.
    UUUUU don’t deserve 2 live u fucker.

  9. How cute! My daughter just turned two and is way too smart for her own
    good! She started doing sign laungauge before she turned one and now she’s
    singing, acting, drawing, counting and even singing the billionaire song by
    Travie McCoy!! Just type in “pajamaMOUTH” and if anything, it will put a
    smile on your face like this one did with me!! 🙂

  10. either that baby has some really funny people around him, or this movie is
    gonna end the same way A Beautiful Mind did.

  11. I never get tired of watching this litlte cutie, as he always puts a smile
    on my face and he’s so precious and adorable. Sweetie! 😉


  13. hahahahahahahahahahaha cute kid very cute kid i gotta say. a million thumbs
    up even if i dont have million hahahahahaha but u know what i mean
    hahahahaha great video. fuck that mrsuckmynipples prick or whatever his
    name was. this video is a winner right here no questions asked.

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  16. What an adorable little angel. I cannot watch this video enough
    times-always makes my day. God bless him! 😉 Lucky parents!

  17. @elamorro I wish I had a younger sibling that was like him as a baby all my
    siblings ever did as babies was cry their pants off.

  18. Guys there are some evil people posting here…all they want is to cause
    pain. This baby is on my favorite list because he is so precious.
    MrSuck***** I rebuke your comment in Jesus name, and you will feel pain for
    saying it from the spirit of Hell…. FOR IT IS WRITTEN, I have been given
    authority over all unclean spirits and greater is HE that’s in me then he
    that is in the world…I rebuke you and bind you in Jesus name!!

  19. Xx1sweetPoisonxX

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    <:O SO ADORABLE!!!!! Im going to steal that baby! He will be mine! ALL MINE!!! lol kidding!...he's to happy with his parents, I couldnt tak him away,but I do want to hug him! :3

  20. @19baby82 dude this kind of stuff is ALL i watched while i was pregnant!
    just u wait! having a baby is a blast! its only stressful like the 1st
    month, and NOT really, its so fun 95% of the time, youll LOVE it!

  21. Wheeee..and my son does this thing too…Babies are angels..And they are
    the most precious gift a parent receive from God.

  22. OneOrangeSodaPlease

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    @MrSuckmynipples what do u consider a cute baby. one that looks like u?
    probably but i would feel bad for any baby with any similarities to u.
    UUUUU don’t deserve 2 live u fucker.

  23. das is aaaali wenn ich ihn in den pausen sehe .. der is auch immer so drauf
    (: voll süß hald (: uuuy mein aliish (: mir fällt grad nix ein.. du
    drecksinder (: hahahah du hast mir heut voll wehgetan, aber ich mag dich
    voll, weil du immer für mich da bist & soo (: ♥♥ ALISH & BILGISH .. yeeeah
    *_* HAHAHAHAHAHAH 😀 du deeeeeeeeepp HAHAHAHAHHA 😀 mein großer bruder (:
    danke für allllless ;********* du nigga.. ich bin zwar klein aber etwas
    größer als dein schwanz (: ♥

  24. What is with alll de horrible freaks on youtube being so nasty! Ye really
    must have no lifes to watch videos on youtube jus 2 dis em! Get ovr it!

  25. I think I may have posted, but I’ll post again… THIS IS SUCH AN ADORABLE
    LITTLE RASCAL! 😀 This made me grin, no doubt… 🙂

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  27. @eatsbabies1000 whaa ….. Your fucken dumb U were a babie once to . Get a
    fucken life instead of sitting infront of your computer rotting like the
    pedifile you are jackass ! This is an adorable baby:) I hope u go to he’ll
    cause after what u said u diserve it bitch !!!

  28. What an adorable little butterball he is! How precious – that video put a
    huge smile on my face and completely brightened my day!

  29. OH wow such a precious cutie just melted when i seen his adorable smile,
    looks so happy and healthy, thanks for posting for us to enjoy, really made
    my day.

  30. MrSuckmynipples let me tell you that all the people that likes babies will
    go to heaven as for you who says babies are ugly wait untill you go to hell
    you will be an ugly person to

  31. wwwwwwwwiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeee

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