161 thoughts on “Graduation Falling and Tripping Compilation

  1. I fell on my graduation day , my legs were shaking and i was of course
    wearing heels , it was the most embarrassing moment of my entire life

  2. My graduation is Tuesday and I wanna wear wedges but I NEVER wear heels (
    8th grade grad ) im really scared but my only other shoes are church flats
    ew . This is my biggest fear .

  3. i watched this in school with my classmates like 30 mins before graduation
    XD. This was to show that it could get worse, but instead this vid made us
    even more scared

  4. My graduation was last week and this girl in front of me fell…fell
    hard..I didn’t what to do other than pick her up..but I laughed my ass of
    very hard…in front of everyone.

  5. CharlesVariations

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    I would just act like I had a seizure because then it would have had much
    less of a fail factor since it’d be considered ‘not my fault’ and you’d get
    a lot of sympathy by most people. It would be much better than being the
    person that fell down.

  6. if this happens to me i will either do 2 things. 1 – just lie there with
    my head down and just lie there DONT GET UP. 2 – fall and play it off life
    i was doing to worm or doing a push up lol 

  7. Most of the people who fall, it’s planned & intended as a joke.. In my high
    school they prohibited people from falling purposely. 

  8. Captain Karen Obvious

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    I think walking at graduation is overrated. You sit in a hot room, or in
    the hot sun if it’s held outside, and just wait. You wait for your name to
    be called then you walk up on stage and get an empty diploma case. At least
    that’s how it was at my school. They don’t give you the diploma on stage,
    you have to go to a separate room after the entire ceremony is over.

    The all night party was fun though. Got to stay at the school all night
    playing games and watching movies.

    It’s just my opinion of it all. I graduated five years ago but I still
    remember it clearly. 

  9. lessons learnt…. 1) avoid stairs 2) dont trip over ur own feet 3) if u
    fall you can always cover it up by following it through by doing the “worm”

  10. i am graduating on Saturday too. i was thinking of the same thing, and i
    bought super high heels :/ hopefully i won’t fall, that would be so
    embarrasing lol

  11. realityhitsmehardbro

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    I shouldn’t have jinxed myself with this, the big day’s on Thursday. Like
    zadose says, we don’t wear dresses.

  12. This is what I am afraid of in 6 months!! I do NOT wanna epically fall
    during my high school graduation D: I’m so clumsy I’m sure I’ll trip or
    something haha

  13. Charles Hamilton

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    all ya gotta do is take precaution 1: make sure the robe aint long 2:
    locate all cords and other tripping hazards 3: pick up your feet when you
    walk 4 (in case you are a girl): Heels, not recommended but if you must
    have them, DONT WALK FAST. 5: when on the stairs, HOLD ON TO THE RAIL, IT
    IS YOUR FRIEND 6: when walking on stairs, keep your head down, and when
    walking across, still glance down.

  14. this is going to be me this sunday. i just hope and pray that i dont break
    my neck in front of everyone. maybe high heels weren’t the best
    decision…*crosses fingers*

  15. Todays my graduation, I’m wearing six inch heels, and I’m torturing myself
    watching these videos…is that weird :$ ps that big red F at the end
    really got to me -.-

  16. lol. When I graduated from college 2 years ago, a girl waved her hands in
    the air with her degree. Then she fell off the stage and her degree went
    flying! She fell on a professor, perfectly. No one got hurt, thankfully.
    Everyone had a good laugh afterwards.

  17. at my graduation everyone had all insults for me cause i had been sick and
    missed school but i graduated yes i did. so i went and walked like a
    supermodel and got my diploma. the girl who ran her mouth the most and told
    me she was gonna be the next supermodel and actress making millions tripped
    and fell on her face during the ceremony. i was like “yeah! and walked off
    to my car with my Da.

  18. I fell on purpose today at my graduation in front of about 2500 people, was
    epic!!! everybody winced then i gave the thumbs up and got a massive
    cheer!!!! SICK DAY!!!

  19. I know for a fact I’m going to get up there and have a panic attack and run
    off the stage. Some of these look fake like pranks though. lol

  20. Don’t be scared of falling there is no time limit to get off the stage your
    own less time you were in class or making a presentation your up there 6
    seconds take your time going down be careful wear comfortable dress shoes
    and then just go chill

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