Husky Siberian And Young children Playing Films Compilation 2016 – Adorable Dog Love Young children

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97 thoughts on “Husky Siberian And Young children Playing Films Compilation 2016 – Adorable Dog Love Young children

  1. Very comforting in a world full of pain in so many places. (I don’t mean that videos like this are a substitute for caring and action, but they’re a reminder of gentleness, tenderness, empathy, delight and fun!)

  2. Please don’t allow your dog or cat to lick or stick it’s tonge or drool saliva inside a baby’s mouth or skin. That is so gross and unsanitary for a baby. Many people thinks its ok but it is NOT. Many pets go outside, get dirty chew on anything, put stuff in their mouths, lick their balls etc then they come in and you allow that? Please think about. We love animals but that draws the line. Also any vet will tell you it’s not a good idea. Again..Gross!

  3. I don’t understand why people would let dogs licking their babies mouth. Loving the dogs is one thing but letting them licking your own baby face is just ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong I love dogs.

  4. my dog would bring his tug rope to the babies then ever so gently pull them across the kitchen floor they loved it my daughter would crack up and so did her cousins

  5. Jmichael Isbell

    - Edit Reply

    You know, the greatest dog–any dog, CAN bite, if it is old, sick, hurt, startled–it can bite under the right circumstances. I did not say it ALWAYS bites–that’s crazy too. But riddle me this, would you rather–when and if it happens, and it can, would you rather your baby get tagged by an 8 pound dog, or a 100 pound dog? If you try and tell me it doesn’t matter, you have screw loose.

  6. cute apart from babies and kids laying on them! cute till the dog has enough and gets put to sleep for biting them!

  7. Welche assis filmen ihr baby wenn es weint und stellen es in Yt ??? Richtig hart.
    Was wolltet ihr jz damit der Welt mitteilen ??

  8. I like the ones where the cruel parents make their babies cry to get a reaction from the dogs so they can film it.

  9. Музыка души

    - Edit Reply

    Замечательные няньки. Но все же я бы не оставила с ними своего малыша без присмотра))

  10. I am an animal lover, but I would never let any dog that close to my baby’s face. In a split second, the dog can snap, for whatever reason, and the baby is scarred or dead. This happened to me when I was little. I was right in the dog’s face and he nipped my face. Fortunately, it wasn’t bad enough to scar, but my mother was right there when he did it, and he was a family dog. My personal opinion is that it’s better to wait until children are a little older before letting them get that close or leaving them alone with the dog.

  11. Wow, 3/3/17 after 2.8M views, there are 606 people related to Hitler that have watched this. Something is wrong when people don’t like dogs and/or babies.

  12. Vitaliy Martinoff

    - Edit Reply

    какие психи это ведь так опасно… это ведь собаки… неоднозначно ребёнок может не осознано сделать больно животному и последствия будут плачевными… и потом антисанитария …. Г листы…блохи….и дети пиз….ец товарищи….!

  13. Huskies are very intuitive when it comes to kids. My niece has a real fear of dogs yet her relationship with my husky is beautiful. Sash is a big alpha male. He towers over most other huskies. He’s boisterous. Nuts lol loves rough play. Running etc yet from as soon as I got him almost he recognised my nieces behaviour towards him was different so he adapted and is so gentle and tender and with all the family as well he’s very protective. It is still a beautiful thing for me when I watch sash interact with my niece. They are a breed above all others in my”probably bias” opinion lol

  14. Dalmacio Wahayna

    - Edit Reply

    It’s always a calculated risk..Babies should kept away always from dogs, unhygienic and rough playmate…

  15. The Legendary YouTube Commenter

    - Edit Reply

    Smile Dog really ruined Siberian huskies for me. However, I refuse to look at them that way. I shall see them for what they probably truly are, adorable doggies. 😀

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