300 thoughts on “International’s cutest kid funny story

  1. @2211dougyfresh true…but the fact remains…Vevo is gay. If you go to a
    vevo channel, you always have to watch a stupid commercial before a video,
    and the video always seems to take longer to load than on other channels.
    If I want to listen to music on here, instead of going to Vevo, I just find
    one a user uploaded. fuck vevo.

  2. Did you know Vevo makes youtube free? if we didn’t have adds you would
    have to pay $5 a month to watch videos All those adds you get mad about
    keep the site free they only put adds so they can make this site free
    for you,they are not the greedy corporate asses, you guys are greedy,
    youtube is not free to run yet they make it free for you, so stop
    bitching unless you want to pay for youtube! thumbs this up to put at
    the top so it gets noticed. Post to other vids please

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  4. wtf why is there alot of comments about VEVO??? this isnt a VEVO video….
    haha but anyways the baby was cute but ill have to admit that the vid
    couldve been funnier…. like it was funny but not what i thought it would

  5. @briguy1680 well if you want to pay for watching youtube,then you can try
    and stop ads from being on videos.You should have the patience to wait 5-15
    seconds for a video.Also,what’s wrong with 2,3 and 5

  6. wolf beckenbauer

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    Remember when you could watch a video without having to sitthrough a
    commercial? Remember When Music Videos Were uploaded by users not VEVO
    Remember When all the info was to the right of the video? Remember you
    could rate a video1-5 stars? Remember The famous yellow subscribe button?
    Remember when the users controlled the site not corporations? WE MISS
    THE OLD YOUTUBE! Post this in every video and let`s start a youtube
    revolution Thumbs up to keep this going

  7. nightbaneinferno

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    This video is so awesome it hurts=^_^= thank you for sharing your pride and
    joy with us !! I love the toothless gummy smile! Congrats

  8. @2211dougyfresh So why don’t they just advertise like any other company?
    Like they did before Vevo? Oh yeah, that’s what Vevo is! They don’t need
    your 5 bucks because that’d only force people to migrate to another video
    uploading site. Vevo’s just another way to make money.

  9. courtney31chris32

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    big boy you are!!

  10. if u disliked this becuz u didn’t think the joke was funny, then just kno
    that the joke wasn’t for you. the video is to show how down right gorgeous
    the baby is <3 so precious. im almost 8 weeks pregnant myself 🙂

  11. people that have posted bad comments about the joke. If you can’t post
    JOKES ARE FUCKERS. (not the person that did the video).

  12. hahaha the little code i had to type to leave a message was moll ass lol
    anyways this little baby made me laugh so much it makes me cant wait till
    have children

  13. HaHa…..im 21 now but when i was in kindy and 5 years old i made up a
    joke….i have it written down in my kindy book and everything but it
    was…… Q: What did one turkey say to the other turkey?………. A:
    Gobble Gobble…..Gobble Gobble LMAO!!! it had everyone cracking up
    laughing whenever i told it when i was 5 haha…and i never forgot either

  14. @briguy1680 1. Get an adblocker 2. it is just as fine below near the
    comments 3. like dislike is much simpler so u hit like if u like and
    dislike if u dont, no debating if it is a 3 star or 4 star vid 4. Grey
    works just as good too 5. Users control it now more than ever because they
    can get paid to make videos 6. I like the new youtube, with bigger player
    sizes and 1080p, not 360p limit 7. stop posting stupid shit like that and
    just watch the videos on here dumbass

  15. wow I don’t want to say anything about a baby….so yah this video is
    weird. The person who made this video is weird.

  16. Thebrickmasters1

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    Remember when the color of a button didnt matter? Remember when music was
    just words and you wanted the real video in HD? Remember when we didnt have
    to sit through a 10 second advertisement that totally murders us? I don’t
    miss old youtube Thumbs up to keep this going so all the gay comments will
    stay away?

  17. wos wodn des fira owa scheiss? Dea hod sie sicha docht: figg di und fliag
    oh mid dem scheiss fich, i hu genau gsechn wia du in den ring einefiggst

  18. i’m a guy,but i have to admit that that was so cute, i started to well up.
    it’s funny how children can touch your heart.

  19. Well I hope your all happy wid urself, calling a 3 week old baby ‘ugly’ we
    are all beatiful in one way if you think that baby is ugly then sorry but
    you are probably stoned or high *End Rant*

  20. @2211dougyfresh They could ATLEAST put the ads at the end of a video. So it
    gets noticed, and we don’t have to worry.

  21. aw ur baby is so cute all those people r mean who say ur baby is ugly and
    they were probably ugly babys but still ur baby is too cute

  22. i don’t get why people make fun of babies calling them ugly or when they
    see a video of a cute adorable baby they think their gonna do something
    funny well i like this video 5/5

  23. 840 people who have watched this and liked it are complete idiots that get
    entertained be a freakin zebra…wow. thumbs up^^^ if you think the same.

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