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  1. Everyone has different philosophies. He loved being in there – gave him a
    lot of physical activity and movement when he couldn’t even crawl yet. And
    bleach is delicious – he gets his RDA of hydrochloric acid…

  2. You Tube recommended this video to me because I watched the Animal Farm
    animated movie – What!!!??? Cute anyway.

  3. Hannah-Mai Stockey

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    Who couldn’t dance to Natalie MacMaster ? This is adorable. Far beyond
    actually. You should send this to Natalie, she’s super nice, she would get
    a big kick out of it !

  4. You would think that he is understanding the rhythm of the music by the way
    he bounces to it! Very very adorable! <333

  5. 100% gaelic blood on this child 😀 scotts or irish ,,,neways were same
    blood 100% gaelic le ti bebe scott ou irlandais les 2 on a le meme sang il
    dance tres bien 😀 merci

  6. ChannelofCraziness

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    man if i were that thing i wouldnt be just bouncing id be jumping MY ASS
    OFF IT LOOKS LIKE FUN!!! for a baby of course *achem*

  7. @Sobeknellra What a ridiculous comment. It’s a cliché that has got SO OLD.
    What happened was 52 people didnt like the video. I didnt have a Jolly
    Jumper. Idk what that even IS. But I liked the video. Cause… I liked the

  8. jolly jumpers are great fun for kids, esp before they can crawl/walk…so i
    don’t think you have any idea from your comment

  9. Well who wouldn’t want to dance to Natalie MacMaster’s fiddling? It’s
    because of her that I wish to visit Cape Breton.

  10. bless, so so cute…. My mum used to attach the bouncer to the round
    washing line outside when i was little, and just leave me to bounce in
    circles for hours….apparently nothing made me tired ! mean women !

  11. Oh my goodness. I just happened upon this video.. I nearly died laughing.
    Especially at 0:13 when he totally gets the beat down.

  12. @megaalice1999 How is this at all cruel? Babies enjoy bouncers. If they
    wanted out, they’d make it clear. They wouldn’t continue bouncing.

  13. Meirion Williams

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    Oh my God that was Great ! Don’t worry his footwork will improve when he’s
    old enough to down a few pints of GUINNESS and a bottle of Tullamore Dew !

  14. whats so special about a baby jumping? gee waste of time!!!! i said that
    with total feeling of stupidness for watchin this dump waste of 58 seconds

  15. ChisU, he’s in a baby toy called a Johnny Jump Up (just like the hard
    cider). It’s basically a set of very strong suspenders with a pouch for the
    baby to be inserted in. Then she can jump around all she wants. And if
    you’re a parent you can totally tell that this baby is dancing to the
    music, They usually start doing that as soon as they can stand while
    holding onto something, or jump in this kind of toy. Somebody’s setting a
    good dance example for this cutiepie. :).

  16. Actually, he loved the Jolly Jumper, and would spend up to 45 minutes in it
    every night, and cry when we took him out. He stopped using is as he
    learned to walk, and it was a sad day for both parents and baby!

  17. I thought jolly jumpers were illegal, but anywho soooo cute I Love
    it!!!!!!! 🙂 was he actually dancing to it ot did you add the song in

  18. actually, babies love those things… especially at that age when they
    can’t even stand up on their own yet. and it is some good exercise! have
    you tried jumping on a trampoline? that stuff can wear you out!

  19. @ImSoGnarly LMAO, I didn’t think it was that funny when I read it, but then
    i scrolled up and saw him dancing and I could not stop laughing.

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