Kid Poops on Cue

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A short of my nephew Andrew “talking” and then giving us a marvel fart!! He is 2 and an element months earlier!

Lovable Kid & Dog Interactions:

My Nephew is 13 months earlier.

Kid Tries to Say “Thermometer”

My Nephew is 2 years earlier.

300 thoughts on “Kid Poops on Cue

  1. why are people so negative? this is a very funny innocent video of a
    pooping baby and somehow people find negativity in that! i don’t
    understand!!! Andrew is so cute! my little girl can blast her pants out
    too! lol i just love babies!!

  2. Joke or not, the ”fake” messages on YouTube are getting older and older,
    and they never seem to reach a climax at how annoying they are. I’d give a
    million bucks to everyone here at youtube, if from this day and on, there
    would be no more ”fake” messages here on youtube.

  3. For a metal head you sure are a pansy watching videos of babies. Does your
    skateboarding friends know what you are watching or do they menstruate out
    of their penises too … you’ve been served.

  4. babablacksheep18

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    Dayem Woman!! I like the way you dis these people. You rock. Keep it up.
    And the video. How coincidental is it? LoL Cute baby I must say

  5. When babies do not go as they should and you have to help them with an
    enema or suppository, THEN it can get gross….This is nothing but a
    healthy baby doing his business….When I hear my baby girl go, it is music
    to a daddy’s ears cause I know all is working as it should. πŸ™‚

  6. People are so dumb….I mean really…it wasn’t the adults…the baby did
    it and you can tell….there actually is proof. I am a mom of 4 boys and a
    girl. They make a funny face when they fart or take a poop. Cute video Star

  7. How ironic is that? Andrew actually pooped on cue. If that were me, i’d
    laugh histarically and probably for 5 minutes πŸ™‚ Adorable nephew, and I
    must say, he’s quite the cutie <3

  8. aaaw πŸ˜€ how cute!! πŸ™‚ funny stuff always happens when i film my little
    nephews aswell πŸ˜€ adorable little boy! (: <3

  9. How could you even say such a thing? He is so smart. You have no idea.
    Making assumptions like that is like me saying your mom looks retarded. But
    I won’t. Grow up.

  10. Grow up. You can’t tell anything about him/her. Gustina was sarcastic, so
    was stargazrt so don’t take it too serious. =.=

  11. You gotta keep this vid and show it too him and his friend’s when he is a
    teenager. Let’s see how funny he think’s it is then lol

  12. I am sorry that you have to insult people because you have no
    self-confidence in your own self. Maybe if you had a better outlook in
    life, someone might actually love you and melt the ice around your cold
    heart. ~Rodney

  13. lol your a good dad URAGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET OUT

  14. @walla236 wats up widd da hate man.? wats up widd da bad lanquaqe man.? yy
    hee qot too be a niqqer.? lmfaoo im juss messinq widd yu. but niqqer dats q
    stronq word. how about imbusile or jebend. dat wud bee cool andrew.!

  15. I am always amazed with the absolute ignorance some people can show through
    their responses. I guess since you think this is fake, you were also
    ignorant thinking your response was clever.

  16. haha I’ve been reading your “insult” chain messages and i just have to say
    right on! You got some pretty good comebacks. But may I suggest that you
    stop with the “you’ve been served” thing. It sorta ruins the whole essance
    of the burn. Just sayin. But keep it up! And Andrew is quite adorable.

  17. that’s why i’m awake right now and on the computer.i’ll get her back. i’m
    going to let one rip so good while she’s asleep,and pull the sheets over
    her face for her to get a good whiff of.

  18. PRICELESS!!!!!!! I mean “It would be funny if he pooped right now!” Then
    it’s like wish granted! -BOOM!- and then when she is laughing so hard the
    camera shakes! Hilarious!

  19. Mom Kissing baby on the forehead and woman saying “I laughed so much I made
    the camera shake” are two things that happened in this video.

  20. what i don’t understand is that adults think its sooo cute when BABYS poop
    but when kids who are seven adn older poop adults are like ” EWW, YOU

  21. I wish we could blame it on us!! But that one was for sure him. Did you see
    his smile (or was I shaking too much out of laughter!!)?? He always smiles
    after he farts. I love my nephew!

  22. hahaha so funny so cute “how funny would it be if he pooped rite now and we
    got it on camera?”….FART look at his face after he farts lol

  23. Everyone thinks baby crap and puke in cute, but no one thinks adult crap
    and puke is cute, so at what age does bodily waste go from being cute to
    being not so cute?

  24. i didnt pay attension to the info and when she said “Andrew” i was like,
    “woah she is calling my name. ahh!”

  25. To anyone who’s had a baby and actually knows them it was obvious he was
    gonna poop, you can see him straining seconds before. Still funny though,
    and cute baby,

  26. oh u think HES embarassed, i saw a video on youtube of this professionall
    weight lifter hoo pees in front of nationall television wen lifting a

  27. “look at him pushing with his legs” “wouldn’t it be funny if he pooped
    right now?” *baby farts*. classic. right on cue as if he knew when to do
    it. cute little guy. you know he’s gonna see this video and say “that’s not
    me.” or “why did you do that. you are embarrassing me in front of 1000s of
    viewers on youtube.” now that is what I think he’d say if he saw this when
    he is older.

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