Young children Eating Lemons for the First Time Compilation 2016

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When young children take a look at eating lemons for the main time, you under no circumstances understand how they will react! Most events the pull goofy faces, then again now and again they love the sour flavour!

Domestic dogs & Young children & Kitties OH MY! New films all the time!

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87 thoughts on “Young children Eating Lemons for the First Time Compilation 2016

  1. baby thinks : what are you feeding me

    parents : lemons

    parents : gives baby lemon

    baby thinks : what the heck

    baby : chews lemon

    baby : makes lemon face

    parents : laughs

  2. Marife Gonzales

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    lol so hilarious im gonna give a lemon slice to my brother and see his reaction get this comment to 15 likes and il do it?

  3. ooooow these babies are so cute after seeing a baby eating a limon and making those faces I would feel bad????????????

  4. Gabrielle Bridges

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    Most people:. *Omg, this is child ABUSE! Why would you ever do this.* me: *Cash me ousside howbow dah?*

  5. 4:54 they baby is like “OOh Food.. Eww” then he spits it in his mom’s hand and “OOH food!!!” and keeps on doing it till he its it all lol.

  6. “This is child abuse! Stop hating babies! What is this *humor* you speak of?”

    Stop these comments…pls…

  7. funnyplox. This is amazing!! U bring joy and laughter to me everyday. Keep up the good work!! Can u upload newborn baby videos?

  8. and 2 of those babies where not eating lemons. they where eating LIMES!!! and limes and lemons have differences. A Lemon is More Sour. and a Lime is a little sour.

  9. Stephanie Nicole

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    Chloé is a solider!! She kept going back for seconds…all of the other baby’s looked at their parents like, “I thought you loved me…why would you feed me that!” lol lol. They are all too adorable.

  10. Walker Woodson

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    It is child abuse when the parent shoves the lemon in their mouth! But less so when they give it to the child to voluntarily taste.

  11. Just a stupid question, is there any reason to feed baby with lemon? Or this is just a case of playing with your child?

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